1. How much is the shipping charge?
Delivery is FREE for items delivered within Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.
2. What are the terms of the delivery service?

  • Orders received before 12:00 PM (Malaysian time - GMT+8.00), can be delivered the same day.
  • Orders received after 12:00 PM (Malaysian time - GMT+8.00), will be delivered the following day earliest.
  • Orders received before 8:00 PM on Saturday will be delivered on the upcoming Monday.
  • If you require delivery over the weekend or special arrangements made, contact us by phone or fax.

3. How I know that my order has been received or not?

All order will receive a confirmation message from us. If you hear no news from us within 12 hours. Please call us at (604) 829 2188 , or fax us at (604) 826 4188. For an urgent order, call for an immediate confirmation.

4. Can I cancel my order?

Yes. Cancellation of order must be make 24 hours in advance before the delivery date.

5. Payment methods?

Cash / Cheque / Money Order
Please do not send cash. Cash payment should be made in person or collected by an authorised Greenland Florist & Hampers' employee who carries a Greenland Florist & Hampers' official receipt. All cheques / money orders should be crossed and made payable to Greenland Florist & Hampers.

Credit Card
For credit cards payment, please fax us your Card Number, Card Expiry Date, Card Member's Name and Signature at (604) 826 4188. We only accept Master Card andAmerican Express.

Final method of payment is direct bank-in. You can direct bank-in to our bank account at PhileoAllied Bank. Below was our bank account detail:

Bank : PhileoAllied Bank
Account Name : Greenland Florist & Hampers
Account No. : 11-730-30072-3

6. I'm from UK and do you have delivery to oversea?

Yes, you can still order from us through our website but your order will not be the same as displayed at our website. We do provide worldwide delivery and we can have flowers delivered to over 185 countries worldwide.

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